ADA Laws

PDF — Obligations of Private Colleges and Other Post-secondary Institutions to Deaf Students

PDF — Title III of the ADA: Provision of Auxiliary Aids

PDF — Auxiliary Aids at Events, Conferences or Meetings Held in Places of Public Accommodation

PDF — Police and Law Enforcement Agency Responsibilities to Deaf Individuals

PDF — Obligations of Private Educational Classes or Institutions to Deaf Students

PDF — Responsibilities of State and Local Government Agencies Under Title II of the ADA

PDF — Public School Obligations to Deaf Individuals

PDF — The Rights of Deaf Inmates

PDF — Are Doctors Required to Provide Interpreters for Medical Visits & Other Medical-Related Situations?

PDF — Auxiliary Aids in State and Local Courts

PDF — Attorneys, Deaf Clients, and the Americans with Disabilities Act

PDF — South Carolina Court Interpreting Laws

PDF — Obligations of State and Local Colleges and Universities to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals

PDF — Hospitals and Nursing Homes to Provide Interpreters and Auxiliary Aids for Deaf