Low Country

Name: American Sign Language Interpreting Services
On Call: 24 Hours-7 days a week
Cell Telephone: 843-696-6517
Email Address: Deafspeaksc@gmail.com

Name: Beth Ann Armstrong CI, CT, NAD IV
On Call: Evenings and weekends
Cell Telephone: 843-509-6304
Email Address: bethannkful@gmail.com

Name: Callie Rowe Marsh CI, CT
On Call: All Days, All Times
Cell Phone:  864-508-2030
Email Address: callexandra@gmail.com

Name: DEAFinitely Taking Requests
On Call: All Days, All Times
Office Telephone: 803-772-5677
Cell Telephone: 803-318-4962 (Emergencies & after hours only)
Fax Number: 803-772-5651
Email Address: takingrequests@aol.com
Website:  http://takingrequests.com/

Name: Erin Hoyle CI, CT
On Call: Anytime 24/7
Cell Telephone: 843-324-6433
Email Address: erinsigns4u@gmail.com

Name: Jana Swenson, NIC
On Call: All times/All days
Cell Phone: 520-248-2211
Email Address:  jana.swenson@gmail.com

Name: Lee Morris, Jr.
On Call: All Days, All Times
Office Telephone: Office voice (843) 852-2170, VP (843) 628-7715 
Cell Telephone: (678) 446-7780
Email Address: charlestoninterpretingservice@gmail.com

On Call: Evenings, Weekends, Holidays
Cell Telephone: (803) 857-8157 (Talk, Text, Tango)
Email Address: rgburgessterp@gmail.com

Name: SC School for the Deaf & the Blind (SCSDB) Interpreting Services
On Call: Check For Availability
Office Telephone: (888) 567-0980
Fax Number: (864) 577-7568

Name: South Carolina Interpreting Services for the Deaf, LLC; Josie McDaniel-Burkett
On Call: 24 Hours-7 days a week
Office Telephone: 803-223-4916
Cell Telephone: 803-223-4916
Fax Number: 803-892-8080
Email Address: SCInterpretingServices@gmail.com

Name:  Tina Kelly, BA, CI/CT, NAD V, SC:L
On Call: January - April only, Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm
Cell Telephone: 207-838-8462 voice/text
Email Address: terptina@aol.com

Name: Walters, Antwan D.
On Call: All Days, All Times
Office Telephone: (843) 608-7034
Cell Telephone: (843) 364-6352 (has text service)
Fax Number: (843)608-7034 (Call first)
Email Address: Handnhandservices@gmail.com