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Registration open for Medical Interpreting Immersion in Spartanburg, SC, June 23-26

Medical Interpreting Immersion June 23-26, 2016

University of South Carolina Upstate, Spartanburg, SC

Instructors: Paul May and Roger Williams
Click here for details and registration



SC Governor Signed Bill S.277! Vlog

We received great news on Thursday, May 26, 2016 that the SC Governor signed bill S.277!

Next we will plan to meet with the Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) to discuss regulation changes for SC Equipment Distribution Program (SCEDP).  We would like to thank Kari Munn and the staff involved at ORS for their hard work with the legislatives!

Bill S.277 Passed! Vlog

Bill S.277 Passed!!
Hello, my name is Anita McDaniel, Executive Director of South Carolina Association of the Deaf. I have good news! The Senate passed bill S.277 "State Telecom Equity in Funding Act" and is now on its way to the SC Governor! What does this mean?

The “State Telecom Equity in Funding Act” connected with “Dual Relay Party” funds the SC Equipment Distribution Program (SCEDP) that helps the Deaf and Hard of Hearing residents of SC to receive free TTY, wireless doorbell, alert system, etc. 

To receive the equipment you must have landline telephone with telephone jack in the wall. Most of us do not have that anymore. We use cell phones and the internet. 

Now that the bill passed, SCEDP can change the policy to allow Deaf and Hard of Hearing residents to receive the equipment without landline telephone. However, first we must wait for the Governor to sign the bill!  This is exciting news and we hope that it will happen!  SCAD will keep you updated. Thank you! 

DGM-SCAD Vlog Message

See Vlog from DGM and SCAD

Voting Rights Videos

SCAD is pleased to share the voting rights videos from P&A and The South Carolina DisAbility Voting Coalition. You can click on the CC button for Closed Captions. One of SCAD's Board members participated in the third video. If you have any questions about voting, please do not hesitate to contact us at our office. 

Voting Rights Videos 
P&A and The South Carolina DisAbility Voting Coalition release a set of three new voting rights videos.  

P&A and the SC DisAbility Voting Coalition are proud to release three new videos on the voting rights of individuals with disabilities in South Carolina. Each video addresses a different voting topic to include how to register to vote, the different ways a person with a disability can vote, and accessibility challenges that may exist at polling places.

Please help us by sharing these videos on social media to spread the word that people with disabilities are a part of their community and their right to vote matters. 

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