Programs and Services


SCAD works with individuals to help them achieve a better understanding of the law and their responsibilities under it. We provide assistance with dispute resolution regarding the Americans’ with Disabilities Act (ADA), discrimination in the work place, issues in the job market, access to the justice system and many other issues.


SCAD is a member of  the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education Partnership. SCAD meets with other organization members of the Partnership to improve the quality of education for students, birth through young adulthood, who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing in SC so that they can achieve successful outcomes. 

Information Resource

A leading resource for information regarding deafness in the state, SCAD is contacted for deafness-related information by a variety of individuals and institutions.  SCAD is able to respond with referrals, speakers, statistics, and other needed information.  

Peer Support

SCAD provides information from its statewide chapters/communities on opportunities for social interaction among members of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to gather, network and support each other. Every two years, SCAD holds a Conference rotating in the upstate, midlands and low country. SCAD holds a Leadership and Training Conference every other year and periodical workshops.